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Friday, February 3, 2017

Lemp Mansion - Scratch

Like most of you, I've had experiences where I physically felt a presence. I've sensed eyes on me by something unseen. I've felt a hand lightly brush against my face and have also had my hair pulled. I've even had a brush against my lower shin as if an animal where rubbing its face against me, though nothing was there. I've never, never, been scratched at a location, accept at The Lemp Mansion. And to me, this is the most unlikely of places to be scratched during an investigation, but it happened to me here. It was the strangest thing. It was unexpected even though all the signs where there. At that moment, it wanted to be known. It wanted to be understood, and at that moment, I did...

We were all gathered on the main floor of the mansion. At this point the group had mostly moved into the massive dining room that is immediately to the right of the grand entrance. We had our equipment out and were engaged in an investigation when we began reading high electromagnetic spikes. The meters kept alerting loudly, and because the alarm was constantly sounding I was beginning to think that they where malfunctioning. Before this night I had never seen this type of reaction in our equipment. We were in the middle of our session when the alarms became more intense. Suddenly my finger began to burn. I thought that I had been cut with a razor blade, but that didn't make any sense. I was in the middle of the room holding a meter... I didn't understand why suddenly my finger burned so badly?

It continued to burn the longer I stayed, so I left the group and went into the back hallway where I could see what was happening to my flesh. I was able to see the cut more clearly and also found that the cut was growing in size. As droplets of blood formed on my skin I was no longer confused. I knew that I had been attacked, though I didn't understand why it happened to me. I still don't understand why I was singled out that night, but I feel that this may have led to a lingering experience that I was really not prepared to deal with.

Surprisingly I've been cut several times since our investigation at this location. This has happened to me regularly, including outside of investigating the paranormal. I've received a deep gash on my arm while driving past an old church. My hands and fingers are continuously cut or scratched just as I sit on the couch or in my bed at home... Each time receiving an unexplained burning sensation, that gets deeper and more intense as time goes by. I've also had re-occurring dreams about this location, which has left me wondering if the incident that we documented at the Lemp was a meant to warn me. The meters were all triggered and alerting a presence, and I just continued on with my investigation... I can't say for sure why this all happened this way, only that just recently the cuts seemed to have cease and so have my dreams of this place. Does this mean that I have finally been ridden of this spirit?

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