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Sunday, February 4, 2018

The Birdcage Theatre

Birdcage Theatre in Tombstone AZ. Once a frequent stop off for some of the most infamous outlaws and gunslingers of its time, was known to most as a place to wet your whistle and do a little gambling. Though it wasn't nearly as innocent as that sounds. The saloon was better popularized by the violence once held within its walls. 26 deaths reported in the building, most likely the result of gun fights that where said to spark after hours of  drinking and dishonest poker games. 

Also a jealous women known only as Gold Dollar took the life of a young girl named Margarita. Many say that Gold Dollar was driven by jealous rage that day she stabbed Margarita in the heart. Sealing her fate with a knife that went missing that day only to reappear decades later, just outside of the Birdcage. 

Of the many historic artifacts that line the inside of the Theatre, one item stands out. Rumored to be the cause of many spirits that choose to remain behind, The Black Mariah is on display inside the Birdcage. A hurse that has gained its reputation as "Tombstone's Haunted Hurse" the Black Mariah carried all but six of the Tombstone AZ residents to the Boothill Graveyard.

Creatures of the Night Paranormal is preparing for our upcoming overnight event at this legendary location, and we couldn't be more excited! Check back for updates from our stay at this location. It is sure to be an eventful night!

The Burying Point and Memorial Garden Salem MA

Visiting The Burying Point and Memorial Gardens, and what was originally thought to be the most likely location for Gallows Hill, one gets an immediate sense of the overwhelming sadness for those that tragically lost their lives due to the hysteria of the Salem witch trials in 1692.

Nearly 325 years after 19 people accused of witchcraft were hanged in Massachusetts a group of scholars has finally confirmed the place where they tragically met their fateful end: Proctor’s Ledge.

Shadow People

There are many different terms for what we sometimes will see out of the corner of our eye. The shadow that disappears as soon as we turn to look, or continues to float as a huge mass without ever taking on a true form.

These images; having been referred to as shadow persons/shadow figures, shadow beings, a black mass or a dark mist; tend to appear as a patch of shadow. In the realm of the paranormal, this indicates the presence of a spirit or other entity. However you define this creation, one thing is certain. This is truly an anomaly that will have you questioning yourself after having been in the presence of one.

So the first question to ask is, "why are we seeing these?"

While sitting awake, motionless in the darkness and attempting to catch a glimpse of a shadow person, you should first understand that our eyes don't send images to our brains. Images are constructed in our brains based on signals sent from our eyes. The brain is forming images based on pattern recognition. We don't see images; our eyes see line and motion, and in an attempt to recognize and make sense of what sort of thing those lines and motion represent, the brain causes us to perceive whatever that object might be. So, since the brain is working hard to force us into recognizing shapes in the shadows as beings, we need to understand how to better document and review evidence when faced with blacked out figures appearing in our investigation.

First and foremost for every investigation, the rule of thumb is to minimize possible contamination. This is especially difficult when investigating outside, during a tour, or at a location with additional people. The most effective way to minimize contamination is start before your investigation. Document your site, take baseline EMF readings, and pictures with the lights on. Get a good feeling for the layout, and also note any smells. Your senses are heightened in the dark and it is easier to notice smells then too. Try to document this as much as possible with the lights on so that you won’t focus on it during an investigation unless it is truly a paranormal experience. When your investigation begins, make sure to document any anomalies as you find them. Try to work in a small group and in small areas when you can, and when you cannot, try to work on opposite ends of the location from the other investigators.

Using cameras that focus on different spectrums of light aid in documenting shadow anomalies. For example, full spectrum cameras allow you to capture the entire range of light spectrum including ultraviolet (UV) light and infrared (IR) light. Natural lighting is the full spectrum, but our eyes will not allow UV light below the spectrum or IR light above the spectrum to filter through. Using this type of equipment in the dark allows you to document what you may not be able to see and can provide you with answers to the images that your brain is projecting. Also using burst IR cameras that detect motion work well during your investigation in complete darkness. These can be set up at different points and when the slightest movement is made, the burst camera comes to life, continuously taking pictures until the movement has stopped.

Shadow beings are not just your brain's way of putting together missing pieces in the darkness; there are documents supporting claims of sighting these creatures all over the world. However, it is good to know that your brain is almost working to contaminate your investigation as soon as you begin. Being prepared to face this challenge ahead of your investigation is key and will hopefully aid in your attempt at having an extraordinary ghost hunt.

Emily's Bridge VT

Visiting historic places is a major interest of ours at Creatures of the Night. Yet it is of greater interest to us when that location has a dark and twisted past. We find ourselves hunting down such significant places like this in order to document them even when we can't fully investigate them.

Emily's Bridge was actually a little detour for us on our way to Lake Champlain, though we just couldn't pass on the opportunity to visit a place so rich with lore and paranormal sightings! When we arrived there were several other people there admiring the covered bridge. To my surprise the other visitors that day where also sharing versions of the tragic event that has made this bridge so famous. 

The charming bridge is alluring and beautiful just to see. Though it is apparent that the story of a young girls mysterious demise so many years ago has become the driving factor for many people visiting today.

San Xavier Mission, Tucson, AZ

The oldest intact European structure in Arizona, built at a site near the historic 1700 church was first constructed. This served the mission until being razed during an Apache raid in 1770.

Today's Mission was built between 1783-1797 and is still used as a Ministry for religious purposes. This amazing gem is filled with rich history and plays host to numerous reports of ghost like activity that can be seen and heard through out different times of the day and night. 

Being able to communicate with past loved ones and spirits is said to come easier in a place of worship, but at the San Xavier Mission, this takes on a whole new meaning...


Webster's defines an orb as “a spherical body; a globe." So how could such a tiny word with a simple definition cause so much debate in the paranormal community?

The noun Orb takes on a much more complex meaning to most that study spirits, along with a variety of opinions. There are those that have the belief that “orbs” are spirits seen in photographs that are identified by being an image that takes the shape of a sphere, may or may not contain an image within that sphere, and contain their own source of light or color. Then there are those that believe “orbs” are not the spirits themselves, but an energy source that the spirit can draw power from to communicate or manifest, like a static in the air. 

This process is believed to be made easier with the use of digital cameras and the idea that digital cameras are more sensitive to infrared light than 35mm. However this theory has had backlash from others believing this is simply a processing error with how digital cameras break down the image within; though “orbs” have been seen in 35mm photos as well. Then there are the ones that believe orbs are nothing more the natural world reflecting off the camera’s flash, such as water spots, airborne particles like dust or plant particles, or even bugs. These objects will appear out of focus when photographed at close range.

From our experience, we fall somewhere in the middle. We don't consider anything we feel could be recreated to be paranoramal. Light can and will reflect natural items such as dust or bugs which are hard to avoid in most locations. Even if a room was recently cleaned, there is no way that all dust particles could be removed. I haven’t found a cleaning product yet that truly leaves your home spotless. You would need a NASA level scientific controlled environment to test that theory, in my opinion. However there are moments that cannot always be explained, and this is where the hope lies that there is some truth to the spiritual connection between “orbs” and paranormal study, such as when we see a ball of light in a photograph at the same moment as we receive another piece of evidence such as a reading on an EMF meter or an EVP. 

We have seen spherical shaped lights move on camera and with our naked eyes that do not follow the pattern of dust falling or a bug in flight. We do believe these “balls of light” can have a spiritual connection to the events that we are investigating at those moments, though we try to avoid using the term “orbs”. For us, that word carries too many different meanings within the paranormal community. We do believe that at times these balls of light can be caught in digital photos, but we only examine their relevance when accompanied by supporting evidence.