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Tuesday, February 21, 2017

Ouija Boards

What is it about Ouija Boards that instantly makes people recoil in fear?  I get that the board has earned its malevolent reputation, thanks to all the horror movies, but the idea that you will be sucked into a never ending spiral of terror just from coming into contact with one is a bit over the top. Or, is it? Lets dissect this thing together, shall we... Its a game, for all intents and purposes. One that became quite popular in the late 1800's. The idea of communicating with spirits definitely has a long history. The use of a talking board to communicate with deceased relatives goes back even further. From what I've read, using a talking board was actually a trend in 1886. So why suddenly do we fear this novelty? It honestly seems like a useful way to cope with the passing of someone close. And these days you can quickly pick one up wherever other board games are sold...

So, while it seems like I am advocating for the use of this exclusive communication device I feel its time to clarify where the fear should be directed. The mere board is innocent enough, what people do with them, is what should be feared. Many people see these as simply a bridge that enables the flow of communication with spirits, while others view them as portals for spirits to travel through. And for that reason, there are those that only intend to use the board for conjuring negative energies. They engage themselves in the belief that they can control dark entities, disregarding any signs that they should stop along the way. Whether their rituals work or not is not necessarily the point I am trying to drive here. The ability to invite negative energies in becomes a possibility with the help of the Ouija board and therefore people fear them.

Ok, now that I've come full circle I won't blame anyone for having a fear of this past time. Fear itself is a distressing emotion that happens when we sense danger or evil, and do not fully understand the outcome of  our actions. This is perfectly logical. However the sight of one should not be the cause of immediate panic. Think about this the next time you stop by your favorite store and happen to find yourself on the isle with other board games. If the Ouija board itself was able to push entities out onto you, why would the store buyers even have them? Why would they be so easily available and right next to Monopoly, of all things? Another household name that Parker Brothers has strategically placed in homes since 1935. Clearly, that board is not haunted. I've won every game I've ever played. I am also a very corrupt banker! Actually, you know what, just disregard that last line... Anyway my point is don't assume that the unknown is an angry vengeful deity. You may still be able to communicate with your lost loved ones with the help of this board. Isn't that thought alone more appealing then the latter?

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