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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Nefarious

So, what do you think about attachments, possessions and the like? The idea, or how I understand it is that this type of entity wants to latch itself onto you and does not release until it has either completely ruined you or has gained custody of your soul. What type of creature would one have to be, to have such a sinister motive? These would all have to be demonic types of creatures right? I guess not necessarily, but right now I'm questioning this line of thought so hear me out here... If you are evil in life, are you then capable of taking on this malevolent role in the afterlife? I am not trying to make a mockery of it, I am just intrigued and looking for a direction so that I can begin to understand this better.

With all of this in mind, I am left wondering how close to reality are the works of fiction that caused nightmares to countless children in the 80's? One movie immediately comes to mind, Child's Play. For those who have not yet viewed this classic, this movie is about a man that transfers his soul into a doll just as he passes away only to then reign terror on an innocent family as he seeks out revenge for his demise. Another movie, The Skeleton Key, has roughly the same idea. But since this one is a little more recent I will leave out the details as I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Anyway the point is, death has always appeared to be so much more permanent then life. I mean, I was brought up believing that once you pass on, your soul escapes leaving your body or your earth bound vessel behind.

Because we don't have an answer for what actually happens to you once you cease to exist, is this idea a possibility? In that moment while your life ledger is being reviewed, does your darker side saturate your register and force your wickedness back out into the world somehow? Allowing you to ultimately become one of these entities. I am hoping not, I would feel better with the idea that only demonic entities can possess the living, even though that is not an incredibly happy thought either... I am interested in knowing what everyone else thinks about this subject, and so I pose this question to you. What do you think about the nefarious spirits and how it is that they remain in the realm of the living?

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