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Sunday, March 17, 2019

Marilyn Monroe's Ghost

On our Podcast from February titled  “I llama love you" we told you about several different locations reported to have  haunting's associated with the great Marilyn Monroe. Since we gave out so many details of all the places you might be able to catch a glimpse of her ghostly self in such a short time,  I thought I would include that list here on our blog.

So, if you are visiting the Golden State and want to see more then just those going around donning the look of Marilyn Monroe,  here is your quick reference guide of the locations that her spirit is reported to linger...

1. Marilyn Monroe’s grave site at  Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial Park. Marilyn’s ghost has been spotted near this space, possibly while floating to or from one of her other local haunts. Numerous photos taken of her crypt include “orbs,” but whether these are of natural origin, or perhaps indicating the presence of spirits other than Marilyn’s, is up for speculation. There are also reports of lingering cold spots at this location, and after our podcast dropped we received a message from a listener who had a few very interesting things happen to her while visiting the Memorial Park on two separate occasions. Definitely add this beautiful location to your must visit list!!

2. Marilyn’s home in Brentwood, CA.  Shortly after midnight August 5th, 1962, Marilyn Monroe’s naked body was discovered inside the bedroom of her Brentwood home, her phone still clutched in her hand.  Marilyn's ghost has been spotted all over the property from the pool to the garage. There are even a couple of eerie pictures that seem to capture a ghost like figure wondering the estate. Marilyn Monroe was rumored to once have said, "Anybody who likes my house, I’m sure I’ll get along with." Well, since the word on the street is that her ghost is haunting the 2,624-square-foot, Spanish-style Brentwood home, hopefully whomever now owns the space enjoys her company!

3. Beverly Hilton, 9876 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA. According to Los Angeles ghost story expert Richard Carradine, he told Creepy LA that “I believe the ghost of a blonde woman spotted in the penthouse suites is Marilyn Monroe.” Both hotel guests and staff have reported seeing this lovely apparition, which Carradine points out is where Monroe and Senator Bobby Kennedy are rumored to have been seen the night of her suicide. 

4. The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood also has reported sightings of Monroe’s spirit mainly in the suite she frequented; room 1200. Her ghost often would shock people by appearing in a full length mirror and it got so bad that they moved the mirror from the suite to the hallway in an attempt to not lose customers. I would think that many of the hotels guests would be pretty excited to bunk in the same room with Marilyn Monroe. Even if its just her spirit! Richard Carradine reported to Kenny Kingston, author of several books on haunting's, claimed that Marilyn materialized in the Cine Grill inside the Roosevelt, in front of him and a witness when it was otherwise unoccupied. “The perfume she wore lingered in the air.”

5. The Hippodrome  on the Santa Monica Pier is another spot rumored to be haunted by Monroe. She spent some time there during a photo shoot on the beach and would occasionally visit the carousel in disguise to watch the families enjoy their day. Legend says that if you visit the hippodrome late at night and watch the mirrors on the carousel, you can catch a glimpse of Monroe sitting on her favorite bench near the gift stand.

And lastly:
6. The Knickerbocker Hotel, 1714 Ivar Ave. Nearby another of Monroe's popular haunt's, The Roosevelt Hotel; is the Knickerbocker Hotel. This site is actually known for the infamous Houdini seances following his death. Elvis Presley was a regular here, as was Rudolph Valentino, who now all allegedly haunt this location. The hotel has since been converted into senior housing, so you might have to wait awhile to investigate this one.... Marilyn Monroe was known to frequent the hotel bar at the Knickerbocker with her then husband Joe Dimagio, but it may be a fascination with Valentino that explains her alleged haunting here. Per Kenny Kingston, Monroe once told him “Too bad he (Valentino) died so young, we would have been great together.” Since her ghost also has been seen at the Knickerbocker, her wish could have come true…

Even though Marilyn Monroe was laid to rest over 50 years ago, the girl's still working pretty hard! When it comes to haunting places, she's got all other spirits beat. It seems that you can almost find her anywhere in CA, well at least in many of her once known favorite spots... What an amazing spirit to come into contact with! I surely hope that one day I'll update this post with my own personal story about the day I ran into Marilyn's ghost!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

It's a terrible haunted place - Podcast Preview

This is what we like to call our weekly Podcast Preview, and I thought that since I've been slacking BIGTIME in the Blogging department, that it would be a great idea to show you all why I've become such a super slacker...

Ummm yeah... We PODCAST now!!!

Yes!! In case you didn't already know, The Creatures of the Night Paranormal team likes to get on the internet and gab with the whole world and share some pretty incredible stories! Sometimes we tell you about our own personal experiences, sometimes we're more like little Paranormal Historians... Traveling the country looking for other amazing stories to dig into! We find all the ghostly details on each location so that we can share them all with the world on our weekly show.

We drop a new episode each week and trust me, these stories are never boring! Also, you might actually hear about something that you didn't already know! And this is really the best part... You, our listeners, the amazing paranormal community that we belong to... You all have the chance to check these places out!!

Come on, what are you waiting for? Give our Podcast a chance!! We're here to enlighten, entertain and above all further peak your interests into the Paranormal! And if you're already here at the site , then you have some interest in the paranormal already... 

So I went the long way around just to tell you that this clip is all about our story this week which happens to be all about America's first Serial Killer, H. H. Holmes... 

You have to listen to our show to hear how his story relates to our haunted location featured in our episode "It's a terrible Haunted place." If you scroll back up, and click the the big red "CLICK HERE" Button, you'll access our full site. Our "Podcast" tab will take you to the full playlist of our episodes on Youtube... There's so many!!

You'll never guess from our title's which locations we are discussing... 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Podcast T-Shirt Giveaway!

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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Doheny Murder Mystery

The Murder of Ned Doheny and Hugh Plunkett has remained a mystery for years, and the story is so interesting that many still ponder over it to this day. Ned and Hugh had been close friends, and for them both to have been found dead inside Ned's own house, left us with more questions then answers. 

As the story goes, one night in February of 1929, Ned's longtime friend and assistant Theodore "Hugh" Plunkett used his key to let himself into Greystone Mansion. (This being the residence of Ned Doheny and his family.) Hugh made his way to one of Greystone's many spare bedrooms where he met with Ned behind a locked door. Ned's wife Lucy didn't think Hugh's visit was out of the ordinary as he was a trusted friend of the family. But when she heard a single gunshot from the spare bedroom where Hugh and Ned were meeting, everything changed.

Oddly enough, Lucy didn't call the police... Instead she called the family doctor. When the doctor arrived, he and Lucy made their way to the spare bedroom, where Hugh answered the door with a gun in his hand, and appeared to be extremely agitated. He quickly went back into the room, slamming and locking himself inside. Suddenly, there was another gunshot. Once they were able to get into the room, Lucy and the doctor found both men laying dead. 

While all of this sounds simple enough, it is far from being over. The media was very quick to label the tragedy as a murder-suicide, and all though this seems to have been the picture that Lucy and the Doctor painted for police, the evidence seemed to point to a much more complex explanation. One large complicating factor is that Hugh appeared to have been shot from behind. If his death were a suicide, how could this be possible...

Lucy claims that she and the doctor had found the bodies around midnight. But for some reason, the police weren't called until 2:00 in the morning. What's more, when the police arrived, they found that both bodies had been moved and that the statements of the witnesses seemed rehearsed. Lucy claimed that the bodies were moved because the doctor had tried to revive the men. Though the police had their suspicions.After two days, the coroner ruled the case a murder-suicide and had decided it was due to Hugh Plunkett going temporarily insane.

Several alternate theories have popped up over the years. One theory claims that Ned was the one who called the doctor (not Lucy) to come calm Hugh down. Another theory is that Ned and Hugh were romantically involved and that perhaps either Ned killed himself, or that Lucy killed both of the men. While the case was closed, the mystery continues to shroud the Greystone deaths and the Greystone Mansion. And to this day many stories of restless spirits roaming the great halls of the mansion have been reported.

Some report seeing a man in a black suit, while others claim to see the ghost of Lucy Doheny. Others have even claimed to see the appearance of pooling blood just before it mysteriously vanishes. Whether you have a paranormal experience at this location or not, this Beverly Hills mansion remains home to one of the most shocking and truly unexplained murder mysteries of the last one hundred years. Definitely worth visiting if your in the Beverly Hills Area.