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Friday, August 9, 2019

Episode 45 - Get your creep on and talk to ghosts

The Quarantine Station in Manly, Australia was established primarily to regulate the risk of disease imported through the migration of free and convicted Europeans, and arriving merchant ships into Sydney and the surrounding areas.
Up until the 1830's, the majority of ships requiring quarantine were convict transports ships, and since they were under government contract it was easy to enforce a hold at the port for quarantine.
But with an increase in free immigrant vessels entering into the harbor, a formal statutory regulation for quarantine became necessary, which angered many commercial captains.
However, local government felt they had a reasonable concerns since many of these people had just sailed four months at sea in close quarters under the worst of conditions.  
Often, on these ships, there was a complete lack of checking for health issues before boarding the ship, let alone as they were at sea. There was insufficient concern with diet during the voyage, especially for the needs of children.
Captain and crew believed that for every three children where equal to one adult rations of food and sleeping space. So this led to an excessive number of children in cramped spaces, with inadequate food.
Legislation began to require all ships entering port to be screened for disease, and quarantined if necessary.
Original quarantine practice was to house the sick on board the vessel in which they arrived, meaning these commercial carriers would be held up in port until the sick passed away or where deemed well enough to enter into the country. Of course the captains of these ships complained and even asked for financial compensation for their time.

That form of quarantine was stopped in 1837. After that time, the sick were removed from their ship and housed ashore. This is what led to the building of the Quarantine Station at North Head in Manly.
If ships entering the port had any sick patients on board they were required to hoist a yellow flag before disembarking all passengers, not just the infected ones to the Quarantine Station.

Here they were scrubbed down and washed in carbolic acid showers to kill any germs, fleas and lice. They had their luggage autoclaved and were kept away from the local Sydney residents for several weeks or months.
In 1853, a ship with 1,000 passengers arrived and needed to be quarantined at the station which was only designed to hold 150 people, so new buildings were added but many still had to camp in tents around the grounds.
To protect the virtue of the single female passengers, barracks were constructed surrounded by a double fence with a guard station between them, to prevent communication from others with the women.
Two other new buildings were built, as well, each to house 60 people at a time and included an area for dining.
The original burial ground was levelled and the grave stones removed to make room for the construction.
In total the Quarantine Station had three cemeteries throughout its history. The approximate location of the First Cemetery (Site IIIA1, c. 1837–1853), is at the junction of the Wharf and Hospital roads.
The Second Cemetery (Site L1, 1853-1881), is located east of the 3rd Class precinct. Three headstones remain in site and two more obscured by vegetation, and the outline of another two graves visible but there’s no markers.
The Third Cemetery (Site VA1, 1881-1925), is within the School of Artillery, on Commonwealth property. Two hundred and forty one burials are registered, and the cemetery retains many headstones and markers, protected by a chain linked fence.
Some headstones from the First and Second cemeteries are on display within the grounds today.
Though after all that construction and leveling of graveyards, there was downturn in immigration during the economically stagnant period of the 1860's, between 1860 and 1879 only 138 immigrant vessels arrived, compared with the 410 between 1840 and 1859, and of these only 33 commercial ships and 29 merchant or naval vessels required cleansing at the Quarantine Station.
The issue of abandoning quarantine was raised again in 1882, and in his report on the issue the new Health Officer, C.H. Mackellar, dismissed the suggestion and even went a step further and said there should be more Quarantine Stations at other harbors, not just Sydney. He also requested that improvements be made to this station, which were approved and completed.
During the period of 1901 to 1940, Sydney and Melbourne had roughly similar numbers of immigrants (around 135,000 to 116,000 each). By 1958 there were 39 "first ports of entry" into Australia. 32 sea ports had staff capable of carrying out quarantine inspections, 10 ports were "landing places" for air entry; major quarantine stations with accommodation were established at 5 ports, and there were 3 minor quarantine stations at other Ports.  

But with the impact of improved medical science, immunization, and quarantine procedures in the twentieth century the need for quarantine dramatically plummeted. The best example of that fact was after post WWII immigration Sydney received nearly 700,000 immigrants between 1946 and 1980, nearly double the number it had received between 1831 and 1940, yet only four ships were quarantined in that period.
In all, between 1828 and 1984 at least 580 vessels were quarantined at the Quarantine Station in Manly. More than 13,000 people were quarantined at the station of whom an estimated 572 died and were buried there.

This station was Australia’s longest continuously operating quarantine station.
The soft sandstone that the station sat on served as a permanent diary, as patients who had arrived from all corners of the world began carving unique messages and images into the surrounding rock.
Thousands of carved sandstone engravings record the diverse cultural and social backgrounds as well as varying experiences of the quarantined passengers.
The book, Stories from the Sandstone, is the culmination of a three-year project run by the Department of Archaeology at the University of Sydney, which integrated the work of archaeologists, historians and heritage practitioners to investigate these engravings left behind at the Quarantine Station.
The project uncovered countless journeys, many linked to Australia’s immigrant past, including stories from Scots, Finns and New Zealanders, alongside Chinese, Turkish and Indonesian arrivals.
Today the Quarantine Station is apart of the Sydney Harbor National Park and houses a hotel called the Q Station, with fine dining, water activities, and wildlife viewing.
However many don’t just visit the Q Station for the fine amenities and the view. Many curious paranormal seekers have heard the stories of haunting phenomena in the remaining buildings of the Quarantine Station and along the grounds for years, even centuries as the nurses that use to work at the Quarantine Station even reported seeing strange happenings. On one night shift, a nurse reported seeing a ghostly man with long ponytails wandering the wards and verandas.
To this day, on-site park rangers have reported ghostly figures and lights in the unoccupied hospital wards, but upon investigation find no one there.
Other common tales include a ghostly girl, they call Mary-Anne, with blonde hair who likes to hold tourists hands and leads them around the pathways.
Sadly many ghost children have been seen at the Q Station, they often appear to other children.
But ghostly children aren’t the only spirits seen here.
Many employees, tour guides, and guest have reported seeing a shadow of a female spirit in a long dress that walks the grounds. One visitor on a tour at night swore she saw this female spirit but, of course, as she turned to get a better look no one was there.
The same visitor reported feeling a cranky male spirits present in the theater room she stated he made her feel very un-welcomed and the tour guide informed her that was a common report by many guest.
There seems to be multiple cranky spirits at the Quarantine Station as any have reported this uncomfortable feeling in a small house used as a display on the grounds and is featured on the nightly ghost tour.
More than one person reported the feeling of a tall man standing over them here in this small house and they became so uncomfortable they had to leave the house. Sounds have also been heard in here, like whispers and knocking sounds.
Many, many people have also reported a negative feeling in the shower block as well.
Some report seeing a dark male shadow, other report voices, orbs, footsteps, you name it this area of the station has it all. Many people are so uncomfortable in this room they can’t even walk through the whole building.
There’s a photo that has circulated the web of a very clear dark shadow of what you would assume is a male with a long coat on and a wide brimmed hat, they say there is another figure next to the man, possibly a child as it’s much smaller but it’s not as clear.
Ghost Hunters International actually investigated this location and they received several voices in this area which they hear in real time with their ears it was so loud and they even hear a door close while no one was near the door and they claimed it wasn’t windy at the time.

The hospital is another very active location on the grounds, people have reported voices, and some visitors feel sick or sharp pains while in the hospital but feel 100% better once they step outside.
Many call the Manly Quarantine Station the most haunted location in all of Australia, and it’s not hard to see why. The unfortunate souls who never got to leave, who traveled for so long in search of a new life but died from deadly diseases of the day which varied from the Bubonic plague, smallpox, cholera, tuberculosis, typhoid fever and Spanish influenza.
Their last few weeks, days or hours would have been spent in excruciating pain in the hospital ward, cut off from family members or have their religious last rites before they died for fear of spreading infection.
These are just a few of the reasons why many believe the site is such a hotspot for paranormal activity.

Q Station is working to redefine the full story of the Quarantine Station which was never thoroughly recorded. The real record of history is found in the lives of the ordinary people who lived it. So if you or anyone you know experienced time at the Quarantine Station as a quarantined person, you can go to their website and submit your story to be included in their collection of history on the location.
And if you have a paranormal story from the Q Station please go to any of our forms of social media and message us, that’s COTN_paranoral on Instagram and COTN paranormal on FB and Twitter, also you can email us at creaturesofthenightparanormal@gmail.com

Friday, July 19, 2019

Ok,so Moundsville happened... Lets talk.

So this week I've been focusing on adding some of our pics and findings to the blog from our  experience at Moundsville WV State Penitentiary. I just couldn't help going back and looking over all of our pictures and at our evidence, because that place was just as amazing as everyone says it is. I have to say: You 100%, need more than ONE night to investigate this building... First of all, this place is massive and I think it might work best to have a whole team split and investigating in different directions... Now, having said that, let me introduce you to our team: Wendy and Chris! That's right it's just the two of us! In case you've ever seen any of our posts or past experience reviews, we have had other people investigate with us. We had hoped to branch out, but within our small group, 

apparently no-one else turned out to be as obsessed  with the paranormal as we were... Go figure! Any who, we have come across many other equally Paranormal obsessed people since Wendy and I have started our passion many years ago, which has been very relieving.. Mostly just knowing that we were not alone! However we still ended up going to most of these locations as just the two of us. For this investigation however, Wendy talked her ever curious sister into making the trip along with her, hence the title to this podcast "We love paranormal bait!" And even though she mostly stuck it out with us, as it turns out, even this ginormous prison couldn't hold her attention. And as the night grew long, she grew tired and decided against continuing on with the investigation, only to camp out in the museum/gift ship area and take a nap with the pictures of past prisoners, actual shanks found by prison guards and of course a letter from Charles Manson... 

I think she may have been the bravest of us all! Wendy and I continued on our very cold investigation without her sister, and as the night went on for us, the place just got weirder and weirder! After already having the feeling of being touched near a jail cell, we also captured a picture of a shadow which blocked out the fencing beyond it. That happened to be in an area where the prisoners would come before going out into the yard. Later on Wendy would be touched on the head, and as we both walked along an upper cell block in front of the now empty jail cell's, her equipment bag unzips right in front of me! 
Both of us were tired from walking along the long cold lonely halls of that creepy empty prison, but the moment that we were touched or our gear was mysteriously tampered with, it's like that second wind just jumped right into action! We were both immediately questioning what happened, what was that, why, how, who?... Although our questions were not answered that night, our experience was quite amazing. I feel this is a place that deserves a repeat investigation, and even after returning once, I'm not sure that  will even be enough. Have you had any experiences like this? The kind that leaves you with more questions then answers? It seems like, the further we go, the more questions we have... 

It’s all just part of the history - Moundsville

It's a little known fact that Charles Manson pleaded to the warden at West Virginia State Penitentiary for a transfer out of his California prison to be closer to home. However Warden Donald Bordenkircher refused his request, stating "It will be a cold day in hell! Before you know it, you've got a wildman on your hands. We have our own problems without taking anybody else's."

This incredible letter from Charles Manson to the warden is now on display behind glass at the famous penitentiary. Hear all of the details on our experience at this infamous haunted location on our podcast: We love paranormal bait. 👻 Episode 33

Wednesday, July 17, 2019

Somethings in the kitchen at Moundsville

This is a quick little video that we filmed in the kitchen of the Moundsville State Penitentiary. This is a very short clip, but it leaves behind so many questions! Something appears momentarily from behind one of the posts, then it ducks away and then briefly appears on the opposite side. We called this one "peek-a-boo" because this entity seems to be trying to hide after spotting us, or thinking we had spotted it!

Because this one was so quick, and trimmed down for social media, I added the arrow to the looped part of the video to help you see it. Also if your brightness is turned down, you may want to crank it up. This entity is actually lighter then the dark room...

We discussed this experience in Episode 33 on the Creatures of the Night Podcast... That's right, we are podcasting now! Look for it everywhere podcasts are found! Also all of  our evidence from Moundsville are available on Youtube. You can access the playlist by clicking on this link:

We love Paranormal Bait

Moundsville State Penitentiary is one of those places that will not leave you disappointing! We visited the prison back in March of 2014 and had such an amazing experience that we decided to share the whole thing on a podcast! There were so many times when we felt like we had been touched, and even Wendy's equipment bag came unzipped as we passed by a row of empty jail cells. Check out this compilation video from our time there and then download Episode 33 "We love Paranormal Bait" to hear more about our time at this incredible haunted location! #podcast # podcastshow #paranormalinvestigation #westvirginia #moundsville # hauntedlocation #moundsvillewv

Sunday, March 17, 2019

Marilyn Monroe's Ghost

On our Podcast from February titled  “I llama love you" we told you about several different locations reported to have  haunting's associated with the great Marilyn Monroe. Since we gave out so many details of all the places you might be able to catch a glimpse of her ghostly self in such a short time,  I thought I would include that list here on our blog.

So, if you are visiting the Golden State and want to see more then just those going around donning the look of Marilyn Monroe,  here is your quick reference guide of the locations that her spirit is reported to linger...

1. Marilyn Monroe’s grave site at  Pierce Brothers Westwood Memorial Park. Marilyn’s ghost has been spotted near this space, possibly while floating to or from one of her other local haunts. Numerous photos taken of her crypt include “orbs,” but whether these are of natural origin, or perhaps indicating the presence of spirits other than Marilyn’s, is up for speculation. There are also reports of lingering cold spots at this location, and after our podcast dropped we received a message from a listener who had a few very interesting things happen to her while visiting the Memorial Park on two separate occasions. Definitely add this beautiful location to your must visit list!!

2. Marilyn’s home in Brentwood, CA.  Shortly after midnight August 5th, 1962, Marilyn Monroe’s naked body was discovered inside the bedroom of her Brentwood home, her phone still clutched in her hand.  Marilyn's ghost has been spotted all over the property from the pool to the garage. There are even a couple of eerie pictures that seem to capture a ghost like figure wondering the estate. Marilyn Monroe was rumored to once have said, "Anybody who likes my house, I’m sure I’ll get along with." Well, since the word on the street is that her ghost is haunting the 2,624-square-foot, Spanish-style Brentwood home, hopefully whomever now owns the space enjoys her company!

3. Beverly Hilton, 9876 Wilshire Blvd, Beverly Hills, CA. According to Los Angeles ghost story expert Richard Carradine, he told Creepy LA that “I believe the ghost of a blonde woman spotted in the penthouse suites is Marilyn Monroe.” Both hotel guests and staff have reported seeing this lovely apparition, which Carradine points out is where Monroe and Senator Bobby Kennedy are rumored to have been seen the night of her suicide. 

4. The Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood also has reported sightings of Monroe’s spirit mainly in the suite she frequented; room 1200. Her ghost often would shock people by appearing in a full length mirror and it got so bad that they moved the mirror from the suite to the hallway in an attempt to not lose customers. I would think that many of the hotels guests would be pretty excited to bunk in the same room with Marilyn Monroe. Even if its just her spirit! Richard Carradine reported to Kenny Kingston, author of several books on haunting's, claimed that Marilyn materialized in the Cine Grill inside the Roosevelt, in front of him and a witness when it was otherwise unoccupied. “The perfume she wore lingered in the air.”

5. The Hippodrome  on the Santa Monica Pier is another spot rumored to be haunted by Monroe. She spent some time there during a photo shoot on the beach and would occasionally visit the carousel in disguise to watch the families enjoy their day. Legend says that if you visit the hippodrome late at night and watch the mirrors on the carousel, you can catch a glimpse of Monroe sitting on her favorite bench near the gift stand.

And lastly:
6. The Knickerbocker Hotel, 1714 Ivar Ave. Nearby another of Monroe's popular haunt's, The Roosevelt Hotel; is the Knickerbocker Hotel. This site is actually known for the infamous Houdini seances following his death. Elvis Presley was a regular here, as was Rudolph Valentino, who now all allegedly haunt this location. The hotel has since been converted into senior housing, so you might have to wait awhile to investigate this one.... Marilyn Monroe was known to frequent the hotel bar at the Knickerbocker with her then husband Joe Dimagio, but it may be a fascination with Valentino that explains her alleged haunting here. Per Kenny Kingston, Monroe once told him “Too bad he (Valentino) died so young, we would have been great together.” Since her ghost also has been seen at the Knickerbocker, her wish could have come true…

Even though Marilyn Monroe was laid to rest over 50 years ago, the girl's still working pretty hard! When it comes to haunting places, she's got all other spirits beat. It seems that you can almost find her anywhere in CA, well at least in many of her once known favorite spots... What an amazing spirit to come into contact with! I surely hope that one day I'll update this post with my own personal story about the day I ran into Marilyn's ghost!

Thursday, March 14, 2019

It's a terrible haunted place - Podcast Preview

This is what we like to call our weekly Podcast Preview, and I thought that since I've been slacking BIGTIME in the Blogging department, that it would be a great idea to show you all why I've become such a super slacker...

Ummm yeah... We PODCAST now!!!

Yes!! In case you didn't already know, The Creatures of the Night Paranormal team likes to get on the internet and gab with the whole world and share some pretty incredible stories! Sometimes we tell you about our own personal experiences, sometimes we're more like little Paranormal Historians... Traveling the country looking for other amazing stories to dig into! We find all the ghostly details on each location so that we can share them all with the world on our weekly show.

We drop a new episode each week and trust me, these stories are never boring! Also, you might actually hear about something that you didn't already know! And this is really the best part... You, our listeners, the amazing paranormal community that we belong to... You all have the chance to check these places out!!

Come on, what are you waiting for? Give our Podcast a chance!! We're here to enlighten, entertain and above all further peak your interests into the Paranormal! And if you're already here at the site , then you have some interest in the paranormal already... 

So I went the long way around just to tell you that this clip is all about our story this week which happens to be all about America's first Serial Killer, H. H. Holmes... 

You have to listen to our show to hear how his story relates to our haunted location featured in our episode "It's a terrible Haunted place." If you scroll back up, and click the the big red "CLICK HERE" Button, you'll access our full site. Our "Podcast" tab will take you to the full playlist of our episodes on Youtube... There's so many!!

You'll never guess from our title's which locations we are discussing... 

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Podcast T-Shirt Giveaway!

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But like all good things this contest will end soon... On April 1st of all days!  This is no joke!!  Enter for a chance to win your podcast swag before it's too late!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

Doheny Murder Mystery

The Murder of Ned Doheny and Hugh Plunkett has remained a mystery for years, and the story is so interesting that many still ponder over it to this day. Ned and Hugh had been close friends, and for them both to have been found dead inside Ned's own house, left us with more questions then answers. 

As the story goes, one night in February of 1929, Ned's longtime friend and assistant Theodore "Hugh" Plunkett used his key to let himself into Greystone Mansion. (This being the residence of Ned Doheny and his family.) Hugh made his way to one of Greystone's many spare bedrooms where he met with Ned behind a locked door. Ned's wife Lucy didn't think Hugh's visit was out of the ordinary as he was a trusted friend of the family. But when she heard a single gunshot from the spare bedroom where Hugh and Ned were meeting, everything changed.

Oddly enough, Lucy didn't call the police... Instead she called the family doctor. When the doctor arrived, he and Lucy made their way to the spare bedroom, where Hugh answered the door with a gun in his hand, and appeared to be extremely agitated. He quickly went back into the room, slamming and locking himself inside. Suddenly, there was another gunshot. Once they were able to get into the room, Lucy and the doctor found both men laying dead. 

While all of this sounds simple enough, it is far from being over. The media was very quick to label the tragedy as a murder-suicide, and all though this seems to have been the picture that Lucy and the Doctor painted for police, the evidence seemed to point to a much more complex explanation. One large complicating factor is that Hugh appeared to have been shot from behind. If his death were a suicide, how could this be possible...

Lucy claims that she and the doctor had found the bodies around midnight. But for some reason, the police weren't called until 2:00 in the morning. What's more, when the police arrived, they found that both bodies had been moved and that the statements of the witnesses seemed rehearsed. Lucy claimed that the bodies were moved because the doctor had tried to revive the men. Though the police had their suspicions.After two days, the coroner ruled the case a murder-suicide and had decided it was due to Hugh Plunkett going temporarily insane.

Several alternate theories have popped up over the years. One theory claims that Ned was the one who called the doctor (not Lucy) to come calm Hugh down. Another theory is that Ned and Hugh were romantically involved and that perhaps either Ned killed himself, or that Lucy killed both of the men. While the case was closed, the mystery continues to shroud the Greystone deaths and the Greystone Mansion. And to this day many stories of restless spirits roaming the great halls of the mansion have been reported.

Some report seeing a man in a black suit, while others claim to see the ghost of Lucy Doheny. Others have even claimed to see the appearance of pooling blood just before it mysteriously vanishes. Whether you have a paranormal experience at this location or not, this Beverly Hills mansion remains home to one of the most shocking and truly unexplained murder mysteries of the last one hundred years. Definitely worth visiting if your in the Beverly Hills Area.

Thursday, January 10, 2019

2018 best year ever!

Hello everyone, and Happy New Year! I know I haven't written in a while... In fact, I hardly wrote anything at all in 2018! Well, while it seemed like we were staying pretty quiet we've actually been very busy... But in a really good way! Last year we went to the Ghost town of Arizona and hiked all over the place just to communicate with the different spirits of the desert. We also made it to one of our wish list places "the Myrtles" in Louisiana. We opened the Etsy shop for business "The Spirit Emporium" and to throw one more curve ball into the mix, we decided to start a Podcast!!  2018 was a pretty big year for the team, to say the very least, but with all of these exciting things going on we haven't given up on our pursuit of exploring the paranormal... We just haven't been so forth coming with all of our findings.... Don't worry. Pic's, clips and all of our paranormal findings are on the way! We will be releasing our findings on YouTube and on the blog soon! Stay tuned, I feel 2019 will also be a very exciting year!