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Monday, January 30, 2017

The Nefarious

So, what do you think about attachments, possessions and the like? The idea, or how I understand it is that this type of entity wants to latch itself onto you and does not release until it has either completely ruined you or has gained custody of your soul. What type of creature would one have to be, to have such a sinister motive? These would all have to be demonic types of creatures right? I guess not necessarily, but right now I'm questioning this line of thought so hear me out here... If you are evil in life, are you then capable of taking on this malevolent role in the afterlife? I am not trying to make a mockery of it, I am just intrigued and looking for a direction so that I can begin to understand this better.

With all of this in mind, I am left wondering how close to reality are the works of fiction that caused nightmares to countless children in the 80's? One movie immediately comes to mind, Child's Play. For those who have not yet viewed this classic, this movie is about a man that transfers his soul into a doll just as he passes away only to then reign terror on an innocent family as he seeks out revenge for his demise. Another movie, The Skeleton Key, has roughly the same idea. But since this one is a little more recent I will leave out the details as I don't want to spoil it for anyone. Anyway the point is, death has always appeared to be so much more permanent then life. I mean, I was brought up believing that once you pass on, your soul escapes leaving your body or your earth bound vessel behind.

Because we don't have an answer for what actually happens to you once you cease to exist, is this idea a possibility? In that moment while your life ledger is being reviewed, does your darker side saturate your register and force your wickedness back out into the world somehow? Allowing you to ultimately become one of these entities. I am hoping not, I would feel better with the idea that only demonic entities can possess the living, even though that is not an incredibly happy thought either... I am interested in knowing what everyone else thinks about this subject, and so I pose this question to you. What do you think about the nefarious spirits and how it is that they remain in the realm of the living?

Saturday, January 28, 2017


This week I received a surprise treat! A co-worker found a set of tarot cards tucked away in the trunk of her car. They belonged to her sister-in-law, but she didn’t really use them so she wasn’t interested in getting them back. My co-worker, knowing I am into all things strange and unique, thought I would want to add them to my collection... Now I need to paint you a little picture of how interesting this exchange was to me. First, these are not regular tarot cards. If there is such a thing as “regular tarot cards.” What I mean is that they don’t even say they are tarot cards, they read as Myths & Mermaids Oracle of the Water Cards. So... Why are these the perfect gift? Aside from the fact that I’m obsessed with folklore and mythical stories, I am also a water sign. Which happens to be the sign that these cards are truly designed for. I’m not sure my co-worker even knows when my birthday is. I never had a plan to be involved in activities of fortune telling. I feel that it’s more of a skill you are born with rather then one that you develop, but this all seemed a bit like fate. I am planning to make a great effort to connect with these cards to see what they could show me. With that said, I wanted to share a short story of another time tarot cards and fate crossed my path and the impact that experience had.

Years ago, myself and a handful of ladies traveled to New Orleans for a girl’s weekend. We took in the sites during the day, walking the streets of the amazing French Quarters, then as we made our way back to the hotel to get ready for the evening we passed an alley way with a tarot card reader who stood, just waiting at the gate. As if she had waited there, just for us. Funny thing is I had been to New Orleans before, saw this same alley way with an open sign on the gate, but there was no one in site. I wanted so badly to have my fortune told, but at this time this woman was no where to be found. Then I found myself in the same spot years later, and on this day she’s just standing there, waiting to invite us in. We all prepared ourselves to watch what we say so that we didn’t give her any telling signs, testing her true abilities. I’m sure we all thought of this as being just fun and games but boy were we wrong. There were four of us, myself going last, and one by one she seemed to sneak into our souls. Call out our past.. 

She knew things that were not common knowledge or anything that she could just know from looking at us. She spoke of childhoods and of our past relationships. Before she even started my reading she asked if it would be ok for her to speak freely, or if I was worried about what my friends may learn? I quickly responded, answering "No!" I didn’t have any deep dark secrets to hide... But I am very much the kind of person that only allows you to see what I want you to see. Immediately I questioned my choice, "How could she know all of these things?" Our minds were blown, it was truly an emotional experience. At the end of each session she offered up a more positive future, as if we were not allowed to leave without a glimpse of hope. Some of her predictions have come true at this point in my life, but I also believe that there were paths that were previously set in motion. As for events that would be a completely new and unexpected experience, those have yet to happen. And I expect that they never will. However that doesn’t cause me to not believe that this woman had a power. She could see your past as well as your current state. She seemed to know what to expose in your past in order to get your attention and she knew what you wanted to hear about your future.

I believe your past is cemented into your soul. It is who you are, it shapes the lines on your face and creates your aura. I believe that as we experience emotions and events in our life, we imprint them into our souls. They make us who we are, and they are forever apart of us. Our souls imprint later when we pass onto the objects or areas that are dear or most important to us and that is essentially how a residual haunting comes to be, in my theory. So for this brief moment, I think that I saw what my residual imprint would leave on this world. Wow! A little eye opening... Since the future is ever changing and yet to be decided, I hope to improve my imprint with time, and leave a more complete and happier impression in this world. I mean, my tarot cards did say that it was possible! So maybe, just maybe, the future can be left up to me to determine... We will see what the cards have to say about that.

Paranormal Community

Paranormal Community. Hmmm... “Community?” Why do we even say it’s a community? Do scrapbookers have a scrapbook community? So many times when I hear others use the term “In The Paranormal Community” it sounds so Hollywood to me. It makes it sound like we have a secret club that only certain people are invited to. Using the word community should mean that we band together to share ideas and show support for each other. That we plan "get togethers" just to hangout and that we care how each member of this “community” are doing. Are they well? How’s their investigations going? Any new discoveries? I’ve believed in the paranormal since I was a very small child. I had experiences that would not allow me to become blind to the other side. Often when I spoke out about these experiences, sharing them with my mother or my friends I was immediately brushed off. My mother said I watched too much TV and girls at school thought I was a freak. Sure they didn’t mind playing the game "lite as a feather stiff as a board" a million times at every sleepover and giggling about it but if I wanted to be serious and raise real questions, suddenly the tone changed as the first response was always“Wow! We were just joking”. I learned to keep my mouth shut and honestly just never really be myself in front of anyone. Just fit in Wendy, Just fit in...

I had actually known Chris, my now paranormal partner in life, for years before we truly had a real conversation, just the two of us. We had the same mutual friends growing up but in my eyes Chris was so much cooler than I was. She wore baggy jeans and carried a chain wallet, she didn’t seem to care what anyone thought of her. I never really talked to her one on one. I didn’t really even know her all that well. It took seven years for me to discover she had the same obsession for all things odd and unexplainable. One Halloween sitting around sharing ghost stories, Chris and myself got into a serious discussion far past our other friends interests on the topic and before I knew it she and I had just planned out our very first paranormal investigation! For Anchorman fans you would get it when I say “That escalated quickly!” Next thing I know we are creeping through a legendary cemetery, where stories had been told for years about a strange beast that appeared from the woods surrounding the cemetery and would chase out any night time trespassers. We only had an old cassette camcorder, a digital camera, and maybe one flashlight between us but we walked through that cemetery ready for whatever was coming our way. We sat and waited together. 

Nothing happened that night, we never found that beast but we have spent countless nights since then over the last 10 years waiting together and we have shared some of the most amazing, and exciting moments I’ve ever experienced. In every long car ride to locations and time spent going over evidence together we have found something much more satisfying than a legendary monster from a small town story, we found each other. I can be myself and be accepted because she’s just as weird as I am. This friendship and level of trust has allowed us to build a partnership in investigating that I feel we are so fortunate to have found. We completely trust each other and share common view points but we also take the time to listen to each others different ideas and theories. Something I feel a real community should be doing.

Our goal is simple, we want to discover more, explore more, understand more if at all possible. We want to share what we find with a community or group of people at least with the same passion to discuss, communicate, and debate. I have to be honest I have met many other groups on the road while investigating or networking on social media, but I have yet to find a true community of paranormal explorers really willing to open up to others, share their experiences honestly and discuss ideas without judgement. It’s not that I haven’t met anyone like this please don’t misunderstand. I have met wonderful people with great hearts and I love those moments. I just feel like we could do better, there is a large network of people in this so called “paranormal community” we should not have to feel like outsiders anymore. We shouldn’t have to tell ourselves “just fit in”. We are people with open minds or we wouldn’t believe as we do, we can open up to one another and invite each and everyone of us to truly empress themselves. We can be a real community.

For me I will keep trying and waiting, I waited over half my life to find Chris, so I can keep holding out hope that a community that truly cares what others are doing and about making real connections and not just business connections will exist someday.

Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Edinburgh Manor - I teach children EVP

An EVP we caught while at the Edinburgh Manor in Iowa. To me it sounds like someone is introducing themselves by basically explaining what they do there "I teach Children." Take a listen to this short clip and let me know your thoughts... Any idea who this spirit might be?

Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Waverly Hills, The Furniture

So I was thinking about our stay at Waverly Hills again, and just how interesting this place really is. Throughout the night it would just come alive and then completely quite down, or the opposite. We tried a technique on the third floor involving the use of a pendulum and a board that allowed us to communicate in real time. This seemed promising in the beginning. We started getting hits on our questions. The pendulum would sway left to right indicating no and then immediately switch and swing up and down, indicating yes. But just as quickly as it had started up for us, it had stopped. 

The pendulum became still, not even a pulse. We sat there focused on the pendulum, hoping that the line had not been broken. It had become completely silent, and the pendulum just remained still. Just as we decided to pack it up, a very loud noise screeched from outside of our room! Suddenly one of the other rooms on the floor had become alive! It was so loud it felt as if the source was just outside of our room. We sat there for a moment realizing that the activity had moved on and that we had lingered there for apparently too long! The noise we all heard was that of furniture being moved from one end of the room to the next. We clearly heard the sound of something heavy, scraping against the cold cement! Screeching as it was being pushed and then dragged along the floor.

We hurriedly left the room to see what the cause of this noise was. Each of us with flashlight in hand scoured the remaining rooms on the floor, though nothing was disturbed. Moving from room to room we carefully examined each, positive that we would find evidence of what we had just heard. Again we found nothing. After we made our way to the complete opposite end of the hallway it became clear that we were not going to confirm the source. As I remember this experience and how we all fled into the hallway to search for this entity, I wonder... Was the noise we heard just a way of forcing us out of that room? Had we began to ask questions that it did not like? Or, could it have just been a residual noise of something that happened in the past?  We will have to wait until our next trip to investigate this occurrence further.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Sedamsville Rectory, Demon

This is the picture of one happy ghost hunter before her overnight investigation at the Sedamsville Rectory in Cincinnati Ohio. This infamous building is literally a stones throw away from Bobby Mackey's, which sits just across the border in Kentucky. Very eager to get the investigation underway after a grueling 7 and 1/2 hours drive, she charged into the house full of determination! Confident that this would be an interesting evening, she neglected to take the time to add protection to herself. This would have been a good idea given the sinister past and dark haunting that continues to infest this location. I say all of this now because several hours later it became immediately necessary for her to seek out medical attention. 

What she did not know is that this type of haunting wants to capture you. It wants to make you physically sick and wants you to suffer in pain. This is exactly what it did to her. Why this happened to her and no body else in the group? My only guess is that she was the weakest link in the equation. The only real non-threat. Because she did not find her path with God prior to entering into the house it meant that she was fair game for this demonic entity. This, I feel, was a very poor choice for her to make as she later learned. Relax, she is still alive. She just barely made it to the hospital in time for the doctors to remove her rupturing appendix. 

I thought it would be best to write this down and share this as my own mistake might help you to be more aware of the things that await you on your ghost exploration. It is extremely important to research and fully understand what you are about to face, and be ready for it in the event that it presents itself to you. In this situation I was not. I thought I could just easily walk back out of the room it had spawned in. The putrid stench had manifested so quickly, I gagged and tried to turn around. The moment I realized what was going on it was already to late. It recognized me, and it latched onto me. There are forces among us that pose a serious risk and you can never be too cautious. Always remember this wherever you are headed and always be prepared. 

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Working on Villisca

Still reviewing the Villisca Axe murder house tonight. This was one interesting night for us! We would leave the building to take short breaks and allow our devices to continuously record. I am finding that the footsteps, knocks, loud bangs, and whispers that we encountered, continued on... We also experienced doors being opened and slammed right in our faces. An occurrence that persisted even while we were not in the house. This place oozes with activity! I can't wait to see what I find next! 

Saturday, January 21, 2017

Footprints in the snow

There is a cemetery near my house in Dover NH that is stunning. Especially at sunrise after fresh fallen snow. I also think it is gorgeous in the fall and I can't wait to share some of those images with you! New England in general is breathtaking. Take it from me, someone that was raised in the Dirty South. Yes, I've seen trees, and water growing up, but not like this. The water here is so clean and clear, not muddy like it is back home. And the trees here are the tallest that you will ever see. You can really feel just how small you are in this universe after taking a hike in the mountains in New Hampshire. You also gain a sense of just  how old this area is. Not only are there established dates clearly marked on the signs of each town, but its quite likely that you will come upon a tiny family plot in the middle of the woods on a hike, or as you drive down the highway or even as you pull your vehicle into the gas station. Signs of how long this area has been inhabited are all around you here.

Which leaves me to my most recent discovery in this small sleepy town. I was taking a sunrise walk one morning, which during the holiday season was the only time I could walk as I quickly learned that holding down two jobs meant that my "me" time was extremely limited... This morning I walked though my favorite cemetery, Pine Hills Cemetery in downtown Dover NH. This little charmer seemed extra peaceful this chilly New years day. As I walked along admiring the way the snow sparkles against the sunrise, I came upon an area that had visible signs of a recent disturbance. The snow had fallen though out the night, so finding this was quite interesting. Suddenly I found myself pausing my walk as I stared down the fresh path of footprints in front of me that led straight through the snow.

Well my morning routine was suddenly disregarded as I could not resist the temptation to follow the footprints. I had to see who they led to. Wouldn't you want to know? Because it snowed the previous night, seeing this meant that there must've been something very important here. I mean, it couldn't wait until the next day? Of course, I never enter into a cemetery without at least my camera, so I was ready to follow these footprints. The path they took stopped shortly after I started following them  leading me to think that they are either very familiar with this grave marker and knew exactly how to find it, or that they had planned their evening investigation to include this spot. Either way I was intrigued!  The footsteps circled around a very historical marker in the cemetery, one that I had never located before this morning.

The gravestone is engraved with the existence of one Ezra Green. He was once a surgeon during the American Revolution, and afterwards appointed Postmaster of Dover NH, by George Washington himself. Ezra lived to the ripe old age of 101! He had thirteen children and also created a variety of apple known as “The Pecker.” I can only imagine what other interesting information he was sharing that night in the freezing cold. Anyway. I'm detailing this little story with you now because I was delighted to come across this. You never know what secrets are lurking in your own small town. I was surprised to find that someone other than myself had an interest in the macabre!

I am still very interested to learn more about what drew someone out here in the middle of a cold snowy night. I get that the investigation is always on, and that some hauntings never rest. Is Ezra Green one of those types of hauntings, or was New Years Eve particularly special for the person(s) visiting his grave this evening?I hope to learn more about this as I continue my research. I also hope that the footprints will continue. Who they will be visiting next? This is just the beginning of our winter after all. And if there's one thing that I've learned in my three years of living in New England, it's that they have snow. And plenty of it! My chances of stumbling upon an interesting find like this one I assume are 50/50, unless of course the date was synonymous. If that is the case, I may have to wait another year before I truly understand the mystery behind this find. Which means that I will definitely need to do all I can to be prepared for next New years Eve. This is too interesting to just leave alone..

Friday, January 20, 2017

Waverly Hills, Ballgame

Talk about dark... It was well after midnight, on the 4th floor, our vision guided by the simple light of our cameras and the moonlight that peeked through the cracked cement walls lining each empty room. It  felt like we were moving though the sea. Picture walking with your eyes closed in an area you have never explored. Even though I had a team with me it seemed silent, and dead. No pun intended. At this time we didn't have any fancy lights on our cameras, just basic equipment and our senses to guide our way. We hoped that we would be able to research a building of this size with our small group and limited equipment, and we made it through, but it was tough...

The bats terrified us as we walked down the ominous corridors of this massive hospital. I still remember this night as if it were yesterday. It was ridiculously hot. The humidity was so thick it seemed as if you were being suffocating as you walked on. Our hair and clothing soaked with perspiration. Our equipment felt as if it were cemented to the sweat of our bodies as we stopped for a drink of water in the room once used for shock-therapy. Peeling off our cameras, we looked around the room and tried to take pictures. We sensed a presence here. It was ominous, sad, and we feared it. I could only envision myself being brought here against my will, suffering though their "therapy sessions" and how awful this must have been...

We pushed ourselves to continue on and moved into an area were we were told that a nurse had committed suicide. Immediately upon our arrival it seemed like we were receiving intelligent responses.  We even captured a few pictures that had us scratching our heads. But as energetic and excited as we were,  we quickly continued on because the communication seemed to pass. We felt that we had either missed something or we were being led somewhere and decided to move to a room that was infamous for children haunting's. This area was difficult for every member in this group because everyone in the group has children. During this investigation we even had a Saint Jude Pharmacist with us, and she seemed to influence the activity the most.

Waverly Hills was full of unexplained phenomena, and is a place that I wish I could understand better. Many people unfortunately found this place to be that last place that they would ever live in due to a disease that was not fully understood at the time. This location will forever hold a sincere place in my heart not only for the paranormal experiences that we encountered but also because of the many people that came here for a chance to live but found something much more dire. Waverly Hills is overwhelming, however I feel that it's dark past forces us to accept the emotional footprint left by the victims claimed by this tragic era.

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

The Samurai

This is a picture from one of our very first ever ghost explorations. We've nicknamed this the samurai ghost because of how much the image reminds us of a samurai. I know how this sounds, but look at the image and tell me you don't see the same thing? You can even envision arms reaching out of those puffy sleeves to pull out his samurai sword! 

Anyway, this was taken in a local cemetery, at night with a Canon Powershot, the flash was on. I was taking random pictures as we walked along a path at the back end of the cemetery. At this spot my camera became out of focus, and blurry. I stopped walking for a moment and took several pictures repeatedly, waiting for my camera to refocus all the while continuing to take blurry picture after another. When the camera finally adjusted focus and started to take clear images again, I began going through all of the pictures and deleting them so that I could free up some storage space. Suddenly I noticed an image in one of the pictures, which was not there in the others... 

It stuck out like a sore thumb among all the other distorted images. There was simply something there that had not been in the other images. We went back to this spot hoping the take another picture like this to no avail. We tried debunking the image and still came up empty handed. What is this a picture of? Something caused my camera to mechanically fail for a short time and once it was working properly again we found that we captured this unexplained image. This picture was taken over 10 years ago, and I am still intrigued by it today. 

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Death is

So I've just come around to the idea that no matter where you are in life, you will meet your maker. I know, strange way to enter this article especially since I typically write about death or the life we search for after death. It's just that, sometimes its not completely expected and can sneak up on you when your not ready. Whether it be by someone else's hand our your own. Not many people want to discuss it, but it is as much a part of life as is your regular routine. The truth is, death is everywhere. Just as you are sitting here reading this post, you are dying.

No that's not a threat, don't worry I'm not at your doorstep. What I mean to say is no one has the luxury of living forever. And, I'm not quite sure I know anyone that would want to. Everyone really wants to have the energy or stamina as they did in their teenage years, but not much more than that. Remember all the bad times you had growing up. The painful emotions you suffered as a result. That's not something anybody wants to go through again, so even saying "ahh, to be young again..." really doesn't mean that, does it? Just remember when the days become long or the nights cold, lonely... Life is all about change, and we're only here for a very short time. Death is upon you whether you want it to be or not. I know, happy thoughts today.

Monday, January 16, 2017

Creatures of the Night Paranormal Team

Explore all possibilities

During our overnight investigations we hope to gain answers that will aide in our restless search for proof of ghostly phenomenon. We tend to over explore our documentation possibilities and sometimes neglect using some of our best equipment, our internal equipment. What I mean is that sometimes your senses can lead you right to where the activity is, but we easily get caught up in the technicalities of needing to documenting everything. Getting set up means that we are unloading and staging our equipment for the evening. This would include having to adjust camera and video settings, lighting or the lack there of, and recording time... We never really pause to put the cameras down because we want to be ready to capture that moment if and when a spirit makes itself known. But, what happens as we physically enter the room? Or at the end of the EVP session, when the recording session has ended? I’m sure that the presence we just reached doesn’t just leave the room. You know... It’s break time spirits. Lets all take 5! Wouldn’t that be an interesting way to do it?

It’s not enough that we try so desperately to record our findings while we are undergoing the investigation, but there needs to be a moment for pause while we actually understand and accept the gravity of the entire situation. Rather it be a historical site, a place of final resting, or the point of someones last breath, each time you step into a haunted location you should be prepared for anything to happen. Open yourself up to the idea that your physical being may become affected by things you cannot see or touch. This may later help you to become better at recognizing different types of energy, but I say this now so that you do not immediately write off strange occurrences and "feelings" because you have not fully begun your investigation. There is a strong possibility that your honing in on something paranormal, and your senses are trying to alert you.

Personally speaking, I would rather spend a week or longer at a haunted location. I feel that would allow us the time to really tune into our senses, and refine our techniques. I don't think I'm alone at making this statement... The “get in and get out” approach doesn’t allow us to seek out all the answers. We’re only giving the spirits enough time to react to our existence based on our immediate actions and first impressions. And who really wants to play nice with some random group of strangers that have just barged into your place for the evening? I am not at all implying that you won't capture great evidence from your overnight investigation, but rather the overall understanding of the paranormal might be better documented after repeated communication over the course of several nights.

So, who can do this? Move into a haunted location for multiple days that is... Well anyone can really, depending on how thickly lined your pocket book is. Most of the well known haunted locations will happily provide rooms to rent, or even the entire building depending on what you can afford. Which can be pretty amazing when you can manage it. Sadly not everyone out there pursuing the paranormal is as wealthy as some of our TV guru fav's, but don't worry. There are other ways to continue your efforts into the paranormal. Remember, Cemetery's and Graveyards are free to investigate. Just make sure that you are exploring these spots tastefully, and if you are going after hours, be sure that you have permission to be there. You don't want to have a run in with the police during your ghost hunt. Also local forts and other historical locations can prove to be amazing hot spots. If you are close to any of these types of sites I recommend going as often as possible and getting familiar with the history and surroundings.

Sunday, January 15, 2017

The study

I don't particularly enjoy calling what we do "Ghost Hunting." I think that whenever these two words are used together that your immediately reminded of a comedic group of scientists with proton packs strapped to their backs. Don't get me wrong, I love the Ghost Busters movies, who doesn't? But the reality is far less glamorous. Every haunted location I've investigated has only further unhinged me. More questions are raised after witnessing a night of spiritual activity rather then being able to find solace in what I've observed.

Some of my favorite investigations are going to be the obvious, the ones where we found ourselves immediately involved in spiritual contact! But then there are the times when almost nothing presents itself, and our investigation ends on what seems to be an otherwise quiet night. What happened on those nights? What goes on in the  ghostly realm? What changes occurred that keep us from being able to  communicate so freely from one night to the next? Feeling like you've suddenly become the only one in the whole universe. Some nights the communication will be soft, pleasant, and then it can change to something that is dark and evil. There is never a guarantee that when we leave an investigation we will be any more knowledgeable about life after death. For that reason I am more comfortable explaining what we do as ghost exploring. I know, I know... Everyone recognizes the term "Ghost Hunter," So, why would I go and try to make a big deal out of it? Well, quite frankly, I feel that there is way more to it then just sitting in the dark and waiting around for something to happen. I know that I am not alone when I say this, and therefore hunting doesn't exactly fit into the equation. I mean, I do understand how the name came to be. However I feel like the entire spirit engrossed community would agree that we are not just looking for that one sign. We want more out of it, I think that we all want answers...

This may come in a variety of ways, depending on what you as an individual are searching for. For us, for now, we just want more. Having said all of that I want to bring up a case that seemed to encompass all of these elements. This is the West Virginia Penitentiary, otherwise known as Moundsville. We were lucky enough to tour the massive building prior to our overnight experience, though even the tour was filled with many unsettling occurrences. There were times when you couldn't help but notice that feeling of eyes on you. Eyes that where hidden somewhere in the darkness, leering at you, following you... And whispers that came from no-one. The entire group was ahead of you and practically chasing the heels of the tour guide, but a voice would suddenly form, and right in your ear... What else could you do during the tour though? Note it mentally, and press on.

Once it was time to begin exploring on our own, suddenly the creepy feelings all stopped, and our investigation became cold and silent. Had we missed them? Was it passed their bed time? We changed rooms, changed techniques, began reciting legends that we had learned of this location in an effort to try and trigger an old memory or a feeling, but again nothing. This time the situation only presented itself when we weren't actually focusing on them. We moved from area to area becoming drained. Feeling let down that the night had not been what we had hoped for when suddenly Wendy is hit on her head. We waited, tried to communicate, but again nothing. We moved on and were walking in front of the jail cells of the third floor when again Wendy was the target. Suddenly her equipment bag becomes unzipped as she walked in front of me. We stopped to try and understand how this happened, and unable to find the source we immediately begin an EVP session. Again, silence. Is it playing with us? Upon review of our pictures and EVP's we did receive some interesting feedback. But after touring a location like this I have to wonder, are the spirits bored with the same ole' mundane ghost hunter routine?

So just like every new haunted expedition you attend, you want to know if you are dealing with an Intelligent haunting or a Residual haunting. Mostly so that you know what you are dealing with, how the events are going to be documented, and whether you are going to receive any direct communication  or not. In this case we weren't really communicated with, but I feel like we were targeted at random points throughout the evening. I would like to deem this an intelligent haunting but it was not interested in actually having any intelligent communication with us. It did not seem malicious, but gave us uneasy feelings and also spurts of physical contact. Maybe, for this type of a haunting, the text book theories just don't apply...

The forces here seemed incredibly disinterested with the usual inquiries. But were rather lively when we turned our backs thinking that the night would be a disappointment. Going back to how I started this entire rant, I feel that this, and all Ghost hunt theories deserve to be revisited. This haunting was so mischievous and at times downright playful that it left me thinking that maybe the spirits at Moundsville prefer that we became the entertainment to their otherwise drab evening. Situations like this unnerve me the most and aides my passion for learning more about the paranormal. What is really going on here? There is really no way to know for sure, at this time anyway. For now, its all about the experiences that we have, the answers that we get from each investigation, and the fortitude earned after each case.