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Friday, July 19, 2019

Ok,so Moundsville happened... Lets talk.

So this week I've been focusing on adding some of our pics and findings to the blog from our  experience at Moundsville WV State Penitentiary. I just couldn't help going back and looking over all of our pictures and at our evidence, because that place was just as amazing as everyone says it is. I have to say: You 100%, need more than ONE night to investigate this building... First of all, this place is massive and I think it might work best to have a whole team split and investigating in different directions... Now, having said that, let me introduce you to our team: Wendy and Chris! That's right it's just the two of us! In case you've ever seen any of our posts or past experience reviews, we have had other people investigate with us. We had hoped to branch out, but within our small group, 

apparently no-one else turned out to be as obsessed  with the paranormal as we were... Go figure! Any who, we have come across many other equally Paranormal obsessed people since Wendy and I have started our passion many years ago, which has been very relieving.. Mostly just knowing that we were not alone! However we still ended up going to most of these locations as just the two of us. For this investigation however, Wendy talked her ever curious sister into making the trip along with her, hence the title to this podcast "We love paranormal bait!" And even though she mostly stuck it out with us, as it turns out, even this ginormous prison couldn't hold her attention. And as the night grew long, she grew tired and decided against continuing on with the investigation, only to camp out in the museum/gift ship area and take a nap with the pictures of past prisoners, actual shanks found by prison guards and of course a letter from Charles Manson... 

I think she may have been the bravest of us all! Wendy and I continued on our very cold investigation without her sister, and as the night went on for us, the place just got weirder and weirder! After already having the feeling of being touched near a jail cell, we also captured a picture of a shadow which blocked out the fencing beyond it. That happened to be in an area where the prisoners would come before going out into the yard. Later on Wendy would be touched on the head, and as we both walked along an upper cell block in front of the now empty jail cell's, her equipment bag unzips right in front of me! 
Both of us were tired from walking along the long cold lonely halls of that creepy empty prison, but the moment that we were touched or our gear was mysteriously tampered with, it's like that second wind just jumped right into action! We were both immediately questioning what happened, what was that, why, how, who?... Although our questions were not answered that night, our experience was quite amazing. I feel this is a place that deserves a repeat investigation, and even after returning once, I'm not sure that  will even be enough. Have you had any experiences like this? The kind that leaves you with more questions then answers? It seems like, the further we go, the more questions we have... 

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