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Monday, February 13, 2017

The Haunting of Al Capone

Many people are already very familiar with the St. Valentines Day massacre that occurred in Chicago Illinois February 14, 1929. However if this is news to you I will give you a short synopsis of the events that transpired that morning. A gang led by Al Capone, the South side Italian gang, clad as police and business men surprised 6 men from the street gang known as the North Side Irish gang as they arrived at the warehouse on Clark Street in Chicago Illinois. The 7th man on the scene was not actually a part of the gang, he was just a friend and happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time. The members of the gang were brought to the warehouse that day under the impression that they were collecting a smuggled truckload of Canadian whiskey. Upon their arrival, they were met by men whom they assumed to be the police. All where lined up against the back brick wall, and murdered. It was later learned to have been a hit planned out for George "Buggs" Moran a longtime enemy of Al Capone. George was late and missed the ride to the warehouse with the other men that morning. Taking a separate car, he spotted the police car and became suspicious. He decided it would be best to stop over for coffee and miss being busted with the other men.

Capone was not convicted at this time, in fact he left town in May to escape the additional heat he was beginning to feel as his involvement with the massacre was becoming more clear. Skipping town, he fled to Philadelphia only to find himself under arrest for carrying concealed weapons. Capone and his bodyguard were sentenced to a year in prison. While incarcerated in the Eastern State Penn, Capone continued to conduct his illegal business. He was released 2 months early on good conduct however during his incarceration many witnesses claim to have heard Capone screaming "Go Away Jimmy, Leave me alone!" It was at this time many suspected Capone became haunted by the the ghost of the late James Clark. James Clark or Jimmy, was one of the gunned down victims on St. Valentines day and also the brother in law of George "Buggs" Moran. After being released from prison, Capone took residence in the Lexington hotel in Illinois but shortly discovered he was no further away from the haunting. 

Capone's men reported hearing him begging to be left in peace. On several occasions Capone's bodyguards broke into his apartment for fear that Capone was being attacked, only to find the apartment empty. Capone would later tell them that it had been the ghost of James Clark. Capone's driver also admitted to seeing the specter. He reported seeing a tall man, and when he questioned the man, he simply disappeared. After bodyguards completed a thorough search of the premises, no one was ever found. Capone deciding that he had enough of these tortuous visits, and he contacted psychic Alice Brit. The two performed a seance with the intention of removing Jimmy's vengeful spirit once and for all, however the seance failed. It is believed that Al Capone remained haunted by Jimmy's spirit until his death in 1947.

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