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Monday, January 16, 2017

Explore all possibilities

During our overnight investigations we hope to gain answers that will aide in our restless search for proof of ghostly phenomenon. We tend to over explore our documentation possibilities and sometimes neglect using some of our best equipment, our internal equipment. What I mean is that sometimes your senses can lead you right to where the activity is, but we easily get caught up in the technicalities of needing to documenting everything. Getting set up means that we are unloading and staging our equipment for the evening. This would include having to adjust camera and video settings, lighting or the lack there of, and recording time... We never really pause to put the cameras down because we want to be ready to capture that moment if and when a spirit makes itself known. But, what happens as we physically enter the room? Or at the end of the EVP session, when the recording session has ended? I’m sure that the presence we just reached doesn’t just leave the room. You know... It’s break time spirits. Lets all take 5! Wouldn’t that be an interesting way to do it?

It’s not enough that we try so desperately to record our findings while we are undergoing the investigation, but there needs to be a moment for pause while we actually understand and accept the gravity of the entire situation. Rather it be a historical site, a place of final resting, or the point of someones last breath, each time you step into a haunted location you should be prepared for anything to happen. Open yourself up to the idea that your physical being may become affected by things you cannot see or touch. This may later help you to become better at recognizing different types of energy, but I say this now so that you do not immediately write off strange occurrences and "feelings" because you have not fully begun your investigation. There is a strong possibility that your honing in on something paranormal, and your senses are trying to alert you.

Personally speaking, I would rather spend a week or longer at a haunted location. I feel that would allow us the time to really tune into our senses, and refine our techniques. I don't think I'm alone at making this statement... The “get in and get out” approach doesn’t allow us to seek out all the answers. We’re only giving the spirits enough time to react to our existence based on our immediate actions and first impressions. And who really wants to play nice with some random group of strangers that have just barged into your place for the evening? I am not at all implying that you won't capture great evidence from your overnight investigation, but rather the overall understanding of the paranormal might be better documented after repeated communication over the course of several nights.

So, who can do this? Move into a haunted location for multiple days that is... Well anyone can really, depending on how thickly lined your pocket book is. Most of the well known haunted locations will happily provide rooms to rent, or even the entire building depending on what you can afford. Which can be pretty amazing when you can manage it. Sadly not everyone out there pursuing the paranormal is as wealthy as some of our TV guru fav's, but don't worry. There are other ways to continue your efforts into the paranormal. Remember, Cemetery's and Graveyards are free to investigate. Just make sure that you are exploring these spots tastefully, and if you are going after hours, be sure that you have permission to be there. You don't want to have a run in with the police during your ghost hunt. Also local forts and other historical locations can prove to be amazing hot spots. If you are close to any of these types of sites I recommend going as often as possible and getting familiar with the history and surroundings.

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