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Saturday, January 28, 2017


This week I received a surprise treat! A co-worker found a set of tarot cards tucked away in the trunk of her car. They belonged to her sister-in-law, but she didn’t really use them so she wasn’t interested in getting them back. My co-worker, knowing I am into all things strange and unique, thought I would want to add them to my collection... Now I need to paint you a little picture of how interesting this exchange was to me. First, these are not regular tarot cards. If there is such a thing as “regular tarot cards.” What I mean is that they don’t even say they are tarot cards, they read as Myths & Mermaids Oracle of the Water Cards. So... Why are these the perfect gift? Aside from the fact that I’m obsessed with folklore and mythical stories, I am also a water sign. Which happens to be the sign that these cards are truly designed for. I’m not sure my co-worker even knows when my birthday is. I never had a plan to be involved in activities of fortune telling. I feel that it’s more of a skill you are born with rather then one that you develop, but this all seemed a bit like fate. I am planning to make a great effort to connect with these cards to see what they could show me. With that said, I wanted to share a short story of another time tarot cards and fate crossed my path and the impact that experience had.

Years ago, myself and a handful of ladies traveled to New Orleans for a girl’s weekend. We took in the sites during the day, walking the streets of the amazing French Quarters, then as we made our way back to the hotel to get ready for the evening we passed an alley way with a tarot card reader who stood, just waiting at the gate. As if she had waited there, just for us. Funny thing is I had been to New Orleans before, saw this same alley way with an open sign on the gate, but there was no one in site. I wanted so badly to have my fortune told, but at this time this woman was no where to be found. Then I found myself in the same spot years later, and on this day she’s just standing there, waiting to invite us in. We all prepared ourselves to watch what we say so that we didn’t give her any telling signs, testing her true abilities. I’m sure we all thought of this as being just fun and games but boy were we wrong. There were four of us, myself going last, and one by one she seemed to sneak into our souls. Call out our past.. 

She knew things that were not common knowledge or anything that she could just know from looking at us. She spoke of childhoods and of our past relationships. Before she even started my reading she asked if it would be ok for her to speak freely, or if I was worried about what my friends may learn? I quickly responded, answering "No!" I didn’t have any deep dark secrets to hide... But I am very much the kind of person that only allows you to see what I want you to see. Immediately I questioned my choice, "How could she know all of these things?" Our minds were blown, it was truly an emotional experience. At the end of each session she offered up a more positive future, as if we were not allowed to leave without a glimpse of hope. Some of her predictions have come true at this point in my life, but I also believe that there were paths that were previously set in motion. As for events that would be a completely new and unexpected experience, those have yet to happen. And I expect that they never will. However that doesn’t cause me to not believe that this woman had a power. She could see your past as well as your current state. She seemed to know what to expose in your past in order to get your attention and she knew what you wanted to hear about your future.

I believe your past is cemented into your soul. It is who you are, it shapes the lines on your face and creates your aura. I believe that as we experience emotions and events in our life, we imprint them into our souls. They make us who we are, and they are forever apart of us. Our souls imprint later when we pass onto the objects or areas that are dear or most important to us and that is essentially how a residual haunting comes to be, in my theory. So for this brief moment, I think that I saw what my residual imprint would leave on this world. Wow! A little eye opening... Since the future is ever changing and yet to be decided, I hope to improve my imprint with time, and leave a more complete and happier impression in this world. I mean, my tarot cards did say that it was possible! So maybe, just maybe, the future can be left up to me to determine... We will see what the cards have to say about that.


  1. OooOooOO I love it!! The cards were meant for you! I love the story about NOLA. Maybe someday I can join in on a girls trip there. Robin and I have always wanted to do and investigate there.

    Keep us updated on the cards... what a sweet looking deck. My bucket list includes someday painting my own set of Tarot cards.

  2. I would also love to visit NOLA to investigate, this is Chris btw. I missed out on Wendys trip, :( and have been regretful ever since! Would love to see your painted tarot renderings! Your art is always super cool!!