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Sunday, April 19, 2020

Creatures of the Night, Trish and Trina

Hello! My name is Chris (I'm the one on the monitor there, mouth wide open. Yea, that's me...) and the long haired lady with that delicious looking glass of wine, is Wendy. Together we are The Creatures of the Night. Once upon a time we would skulk around the woods or the cemeteries investigating anything we could in the dead of night, and by doing so we encountered a few of the wildest things! Things that neither of us thought we'd ever encounter on those late nights in the dirty south... We were really having an amazing time discovering the paranormal and then one day I decided to move far far away, and Wendy did the same thing... Well, we could no longer hop in the car and drive off to the locations we wanted to investigate. So we started flying to some of these places, and our investigations just got better and better and the people we've met and the experiences that we've had along the way are some of those that can never be forgotten. But why am I even telling you all of this? Because we didn't stop... 
I moved to New England, Wendy moved to Arizona, and we decided to start a little Paranormal Podcast. Actually it was all Wendy's idea :) But after having just finished producing our 82nd episode, I realized that our pictures on the  original paranormal web page www.ibelieveinghosts.com, are little out of date. Well... those old pictures are going to have to stay like that,  and not just because I'm super nostalgic, but because I don't know when the next time the two of us will be together for a legit and organized updated photo shoot... 
So while we are very busy putting together quality programming, A.K.A The Creatures of the Night Podcast, I decided that this would be the best time to show you all updated looks that the Creatures, Trish and Trina are rocking! I realize that having said that, that many of our listeners already know what we look like. Mom and dad, uncles and cousins, because they make up about half of our listeners... Just kidding! 

There are so many of you out there that have helped to push us to the 6000 podcast download mark, and you probably don't even know what we look like... I mean you've downloaded the show, it's only fair that you get to see who we are too! So we decided to get dressed (most of the way, I mean it is a podcast for crying out loud) and took these pictures during our recording of episode 82 and 83. I realize that Wendy's editor Winter was not featured here but that is only because she chooses to not be involved during the recordings... Otherwise, this is the team! I (Trish) am in my haunted podcast basement and Wendy (Trina) is perched high above a misty forest full of Sasquatch in her spacecraft... No, shes just got a super bad ass screen, she's obviously sitting in her adode in the desert! :P And if you are looking for an amazing paranormal story but find it hard to travel anywhere, might I suggest a rather fun podcast to listen to? It's the Creatures of the Night, and you can find it on every streaming platform that they will allow us to post our podcast on!

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