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Monday, July 3, 2017

Villisca Axe Murder House - Spirit box session

Receiving a response on a spirit box is usually a very exciting experience. 
Though I remember when we started receiving answers on our Spirit box 
at Villisca IA, both Wendy and I felt that this was actually quite negative 
in nature. Our emotions where a bit jilted to say the least, due to the overall 
feelings in the house. We were excited receiving this communication but 
also unnerved. We tried for a very long time that night to communicate 
with any of the spirits there that would answer through the spirit box, 
however only a dark presence made its way through. 

During this session we asked for the voice to identify itself. The name that
 we received sounded like "Sarah," which is a females name? I was 
confused because the voice is very clearly, a man's voice. I wasn't sure 
at that point of what I had actually heard, and you will hear me struggling 
with those thoughts in this clip just before we receive an additional 
response identifying who was responsible for that sessions communication 
with us. So now I am left with the question, why would he have been 
identifying himself as Sarah?  

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  1. I keep listening to it over and over and I hear "don't ask me". ??